Songs for Writing

If you’re like me, listening to music while working is a distraction roughly 80% of the time. I’ll wake up to the radio and listen to a discovery playlist by a curator I trust while I get ready for the day. But as soon as I start writing, listening to anything with lyrics in a language I understand is downright impossible.

“Welcome to,” I try and write.

🎵Baby, believe me
And you had every chance
You destroyed everything that you know

Welcome to (🎵baby), where your small business website (🎵had every chance) will find (🎵everything that you know). 

Doesn’t make for great ad copy, does it?

Luckily, my friend and melomaniac Nader Meleika came to my rescue with a playlist designed for writing. He’s a self-described “average music-loving, video-game-playing, ankle-sock-wearing young male.”

He’s Egyptian by origin, but grew up in a host of cities around the world including Hong Kong, Geneva, Cairo, and Montreal. I can always count on him, because he turned his teen passion for music, especially drums, into the occasional creation of playlists for people like me. Huge thanks Nader.

Here’s the description for his playlist:

Finding the right backdrop of music for a focused session of writing or reading can be tricky, music that keeps you motivated and inspired without overcrowding your thoughts and becoming a distraction. One possible solution is listening to instrumentals, music without words that would otherwise be competing for your brain’s verbal attention. Here is a list of 10 instrumentals spanning hip-hop, rock and jazz that have helped me stay focused and motivated over the years.


I hope you enjoy!


2 responses to “Songs for Writing”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I currently write to anything by Kenny G. The sound of the saxophone keeps me focused. I will try out your playlist as well. Thanks for sharing

    1. Andrea Zoellner Avatar
      Andrea Zoellner

      That’s great! I’m always curious to hear what works for different people!

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