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  • WordCamp Kansas City

    WordCamp Kansas City

    Two years ago, my brother and his wife uprooted their family and left Montréal for Kansas City. Because I miss them terribly, I try to get down there as often as possible. I’ve made it a tradition to spend Christmas with them, but I’ve never visited in the summer! Until now! I’ll be attending WordCamp Kansas City,…

  • #WeBelieveSurvivors


    Once again, the stories of sexual assault victims are dismissed, their voices silenced, and justice denied.

  • Three Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

    Three Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

    For your street style fix Yaminah Mayo (spicy.mayo) – Bold, beautiful, and currently inspiring me to take more risks with my outfit colour composition and Instagram account.

  • Songs for Writing

    Songs for Writing

    If you’re like me, listening to music while working is a distraction roughly 80% of the time. I’ll wake up to the radio and listen to a discovery playlist by a curator I trust while I get ready for the day. But as soon as I start writing, listening to anything with lyrics in a…

  • Winter Storm Jonas

    Winter Storm Jonas

    That time me, my roommate Sarah, and 30 inches of snow decided to pay a visit to The Big Apple.

  • 2015 in Five Words

    2015 in Five Words

    2015 was a great year, and before I say farewell and onto the next, I want to share some of my highlights of last year. True to my appreciation for listicles, here are my five words for 2015.

  • Like My Home, With Better Coffee

    Like My Home, With Better Coffee

    That time I made it my mission to become a café regular, somewhere.