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Andrea is a marketer, blogger, and WordPress educator who is passionate about improving the way we consume and exchange information online. She is currently VP of Marketing at Kinsta, a fully-distributed cloud hosting company, where she oversees the growth strategies and marketing operations.

Trained as a journalist, Andrea also worked in non-profit and corporate communications in multiple fields including education, pharmaceuticals, and finance. During this time, she managed websites and online communities and developed communication and change management strategies. But despite the interesting work, her heart was set on working in Tech.

After an internship at Automattic, the company behind, Tumblr, and WooCommerce, Andrea went on to work as an IT coordinator, brand strategist, translator, and WordPress teacher, before going back to to join their Marketing team. She later worked at SiteGround web hosting before becoming Kinsta’s video content coordinator and within two years, joined the executive team as the VP of Marketing.

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Andrea is a Montreal-based tech marketer, blogger, and educator based in Montreal, Canada.

Andrea Zoellner is the VP of Marketing at Kinsta, a fully-distributed web hosting company, where she oversees the company’s growth strategies and Marketing operations. She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Journalism before building a career in tech. Andrea is also a WordPress instructor and runs The Capsule Suitcase, a blog and YouTube channel where she shares travel and packing tips.

WordPress & Blogging

Andrea was a long-time organizer of the WordPress community in Montreal and ran the local WordCamp from 2016-to 2019. She’s spoken at dozen of industry events worldwide and online and is available for podcasts interviews and talks. You can also access her WordPress courses on Skillshare.

Splitting her time between Montreal and the American Midwest, Andrea is an avid traveller and speaks English and French. Her years of business travel and nomadic lifestyle led her to launch The Capsule Suitcase, a packing and travel blog in 2016. In 2020, she started a complementary YouTube channel documenting her packing and travel tips and tricks.

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After her first year in a management position, she started documenting her leadership thoughts on her new blog This Millennial Manager, a project she is hoping to devote more time to in 2022.

Andrea holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and graduated with distinction in 2013. She also completed Seth Godin’s AltMBA program in the summer of 2021.