I’m available for speaking engagements on the topic of content creation, blogging, WordPress for beginners, and getting into tech.

Please email me at a@andreazoellner.com for speaking engagements, guest blogging, and workshops.

10 ways to increase website traffic

10 Low-Cost Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

As social media platforms become increasingly pay-to-play, is there anything left for people who don’t have huge ad budgets? The answer is yes, and there are many strategies you can use to reach and convert your target audience.

How to Leverage Your Online Presence to Get More Clients and Better Job Offers

We love to tell small business owners that without an online presence, they may as well not exist. But if we get honest about ourselves as professionals in the digital space, are we really doing all that much better?

Next-Level Blogging: How to run your blog like a business

If you have a blog that is gaining traction or you want to launch one the right way, this talk is for you!


Storytelling with Gutenberg

With the new Gutenberg editor, the possibilities for visually striking and engaging storytelling in WordPress have grown exponentially. For marketing content creators, journalists, and bloggers, harnessing the power of Gutenberg can improve the effectiveness of your messages, elevate your designs, and save you time.

The Non-Techie’s Guide to Getting a Job in Tech

Montreal All-Girl Hack Night

Believe it or not, you don’t have to know how to code to get a job in tech. There are plenty of roles for people with a diverse set of skills and you never know what seemingly irrelevant experience can bring value to your team. In this talk, I’ll share some examples of non-technical positions, how to find them, and how to pitch yourself for the job. I’ll give practical tips on how to capitalize on your unique skill set and build a personal brand hiring managers will notice.

Effective Copywriting Tips for Better UX

WordCamp New York 2018

When we think about UX we’re often too focused on fonts, colours, and flow to think about microcopy‚ those small bits of text that guide users through almost every part of a web interface. These words may be tiny, but they can make a significant difference in the usability of your design and even affect your site’s conversion rates.

Why Tech Conferences Can Suck for Women (And How to Fix It)

WordCamp US 2017

There are subtle ways the tech industry leaves young women out. With programming, accessibility, codes of conduct or the lack thereof, tech conferences can be unpleasant for women rather than a great experience organizers try so hard to create. In this talk, I’ll lay out some obvious and not-so-obvious ways tech conferences could be better spaces for women interested in tech.

Developing a Video Strategy That Will Change Your Business

WordCamp Kansas City 2017

Video is one of the hottest trends in marketing right now, but it can also be one of the most expensive. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can use video in a lot of different ways to engage and convert their target audience.

Five Newsroom Tips for Better Website Content

WordCamp US 2016

Clear and compelling writing can improve any website, from hobby blogs to academic resource centres. If you think your web content needs a little love, take a cue from the professionals who make a living writing every day: Journalists! In this talk, I’ll use examples from the newsroom that apply to anyone writing for the web. You don’t need to see your name in print to be a good writer.

The Great Dis-Content: Tackling Content in a Website Redesign

WordCamp Kansas City 2016 

Revamping the design of a website can be a fun and exciting project. Hopefully, the result is a prettier and more user-friendly site. But don’t forget about content! It’s easy to be consumed by theme design and features while overlooking the impact of a content review on the success of your website redesign. 

How I Made a Career Using WordPress Without Knowing a Line of Code

WordCamp Montréal 2015 and WordCamp Toronto 2015

Think only coders can make a living using WordPress? Think again! There are a surprising number of ways to make a career using WordPress without knowing a single line of code. This presentation will tackle some of the barriers that discourage beginners from using WordPress professionally, like a lack of technical skill and feeling like an impostor.

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