Creating a Safer Digital World for Young Women

As a young woman in the tech space, I’m concerned about the way gender operates online. I’ve already written about young women and tech conferences, and parallel to this is the upsetting amount of online violence towards women.

Last month, I teamed up with the YWCA Canada’s Project Shift to create infographics that illustrate what this looks like in numbers. In their words, we are living in a digital age where cyberviolence* transcends spaces from schools, hallways, campus grounds, workplaces to the home.

See them for yourself and share widely!

To foster ongoing dialogue and education, YWCA Canada and partners are hosting knowledge sharing events across the country to share the findings of the needs assessment and mobilize support for recommendations. Find out more on their website.

To see more of what I create with YWCA Canada, head over to my portfolio.



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