Hey there! Need a marketing boost?

Meet Your Fractional CMO

Are you looking to amp up your marketing game without committing to a full-time CMO? That’s where I come in – your fractional CMO, ready to guide your brand toward success.

Who Am I?

I’m Andrea, a seasoned marketer in the SaaS industry, doubling as the proud owner of two thriving retail brands. With a blend of hands-on experience and a passion for crafting winning marketing strategies, I’m here to inject fresh ideas and drive your brand forward.

Why Go Fractional?

Sure, having a full-time CMO sounds great, but let’s be real – sometimes, you need expertise without the hefty commitment. Enter the Fractional CMO – the secret ingredient to your marketing mix. Whether you’re a startup needing strategic direction or an established business seeking a fresh perspective, a Fractional CMO brings tailored strategies without the full-time overhead.

  • Strategic Insights: Crafted from years of industry immersion.
  • Diagnostic Approach: Pinpointing gaps and untapped opportunities.
  • Customized Strategies: Tailored to fit your brand’s unique DNA.
  • Growth Acceleration: Driving measurable results and ROI.
  • Team Empowerment: Guiding and mentoring your existing talent.

Why Choose Me?

  • Proven Track Record: I’ve walked the walk and delivered results.
  • Collaborative Approach: Your brand’s success is our shared goal.
  • Attention to Detail: No stone is left unturned in your marketing landscape.
  • Innovation-driven: Always evolving to stay ahead in the dynamic market.
  • Tangible Impact: Tangible growth, not just buzzwords.

What I Can Help With Specifically

Marketing Foundations

Your new brand needs marketing but you’re unsure where to start and aren’t ready to hire someone full-time. I can set you up for success.

Acquisition Channel Strategy

I can help you find out where your customers are so you’re focusing your energy and ad spend in the right places.

Social Media Strategy

Are you overwhelmed by where your brand should be building community? I’ll help you choose the right channels and develop a winning strategy.

Funnel Design

From ads to landing pages, gated lead magnets, and email marketing, I’ll help you create marketing funnels that support your sales efforts.

Website Creation

Your website is the beacon of your brand and where conversions happen. I’ll manage the redesign of your website so it’s a lead and revenue-generating machine.

Content Creation

I specialize in taking complex engineering, science, and features and turning them into landing pages, blog posts, brochures, and more.

Let’s Talk!

Ready to elevate your brand’s marketing? Let’s chat! Together, we’ll craft strategies that resonate and drive your business forward, whether it’s a short-term sprint or a long-term partnership.

Let’s make your brand successful, one strategic move at a time. Get in touch to start the conversation.