I’m a writer, brand consultant, information designer, and WordPress enthusiast.

I’m passionate about creating quality content for the web and improving how people engage with information online.

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Tech, nomophobia, and other weekend thoughts ✌️

  • Nathalie Monette, Schering-Plough Canada

    “Andrea is one of the most creative people I’ve worked with. She’s able to think outside the box while respecting organizational culture and budget constraints. She’s also techno-savvy, which was of great help in our team!”

    Nathalie Monette, Schering-Plough Canada
  • Isabelle Landry, Standard Life

    “Andrea is a pleasure to work with. She is talented, creative and thorough. Her work is always solid, in both English and French, and she’s a great addition to any project team. I was particularly impressed with her ability to handle any situation with poise and professionalism.”

    Isabelle Landry, Standard Life
  • Valérie Plante, Fondation filles d’action

    “Andrea est une jeune femme dynamique et créative qui travaille vite et bien. C’est également un plaisir de travailler avec elle car elle n’a pas peur de relever de nouveaux défis et de mettre l’énergie nécessaire pour qu’un projet soit réussi.”

    Valérie Plante, Fondation filles d’action