Hi, I’m Andrea

andrea zoellner

I’m a journalist turned marketing executive turned entrepreneur who also has a YouTube channel.

I co-founded Keiko Furoshiki, a vibrant reusable fabric gift wrap that adds beauty and function to any present. I also oversee the Marketing at Function House, a line of stylish, design-forward cannabis accessories created by my husband, Tyler.

Before getting into retail products, I worked for nearly a decade in the tech SaaS and PaaS industry, with roles at SiteGround, Automattic, and most recently, as VP of Marketing at Kinsta, where I oversaw about 40 marketers driving customer acquisition across multiple channels.

When not running my own companies, I help other fast-growing brands reach their customer acquisition goals by leveraging the best of storytelling and marketing technology.

I am also passionate about travel, specifically packing, which fuels content for my blog and YouTube channel, The Capsule Suitcase.

This website is a hub of my many projects and interests, but you can also find me on social media on your preferred platform.

My marketing services

I step in to lend a hand exactly where you need it, from the high-level strategy down to the direct-response ad copy.

Fractional CMO

Your new brand needs marketing but you’re not sure where to start and aren’t ready to hire someone full-time. I can set you up for success.

Acquisition Channel Strategy

I can help you find out where your customers are so you’re focusing your energy and ad spend in the right places.

Website Creation

Your website is the beacon of your brand and where conversions happen. I’ll manage the redesign of your website so it’s a lead and revenue-generating machine.

Social Media Strategy

Overwhelmed by where your brand should be building community? I’ll help you choose the right channels and develop a winning strategy.

Content Creation

I specialize in taking complex engineering, science, and features and turning them into landing pages, blog posts, brochures, and more.

Funnel Design

From ads, to landing pages, gated lead-magnets, and email marketing, I’ll help you create marketing funnels that support your sales efforts.

My brands

These are the brands I co-own and run.

Keiko Furoshiki

Bright reusable fabric gift wrapping

Function House

Cannabis accessories for design enthusiasts

The Capsule Suitcase

Blog and YouTube channel about lightweight travel and packing

At Kinsta, I had the honor of reporting directly to Andrea and was impressed by her skills. She is an exceptional marketer, a charismatic leader, and a vibrant personality. As a marketer, she possesses a unique blend of analytical, data-driven, and creative skills. She consistently comes up with innovative campaigns and creates compelling content that resonates with any target audience.

Andrea is also a determined leader who has the ability to read industry trends and patterns, making her gifted in decision-making. She makes it easy for her team to develop their potential and is not afraid to reassign responsibilities to leverage the team members’ skills and optimize work. Andrea is naturally eloquent and persuasive, which results in her team following her strategy and committing to the team’s goals.

I firmly believe that Andrea would be an excellent choice to lead any business project. I would be thrilled to work with her again.

Adrián Sebastián Izquierdo

Head of Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships, Kinsta