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Why Copywriters Should Learn UX

I thought working in tech was only for hardcore programmers and hotshot designers until I actually peeked behind the curtain. That’s when I discovered just how much opportunity there was for writers to improve the tech we use every day.

Writers improve the content on web pages and in apps, they help businesses communicate better with their customers, and they can help developers document their work in clearer and more effective ways. And that’s just the beginning!

Learning UX makes us better writers

One place I’ve started to deep dive is the role copy plays in UX design, specifically with microcopy, the little bits of text you see all throughout web and app interfaces. These short strings of words can guide, prompt, reassure, motivate, and calm a user as they make their way through a design flow. If you want to know more, you can view my talk on this subject or read a short primer on microcopy I wrote for Design for Geeks.

Because of this overlap, I believe all copywriters and content creators should learn the basics of UX design to elevate their craft. Whether you’re a writer by trade or manage content in your organization out of necessity, learning how your users engage with the design of your site can help you improve your writing. They go hand in hand, so why not get better at both!

As you approach projects, being able to improve the design, UX, and content all at once can give you a serious advantage and also make your life easier if you work with a design team. If you don’t, you’ll have the skills to make informed design decisions that can benefit your users.

Design for Geeks is a useful resource for design and UX tips that anybody can implement. If you’re looking for a great intro to UX, the UX for Everyone course created by Piccia Neri is a great option. She has a mini-course for $57 and a longer one if you want to dig deeper. Until July 28, you can get the full course for $347, which includes the mini one for free!


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