New WordPress Courses

I made my first website in 8th grade and it was one HTML page with a whole lot of random styling. Fast-forward 15 years and teaching people how to make their own website is one of my favourite things to do.

That’s why I designed three WordPress courses to help you launch your first website.

If you’ve been looking to launch a personal portfolio, business website, or your own travel blog, you can learn how. I have three courses designed to get you from zero to launch, along with useful information on how the web works and explainer videos like what’s the difference between your domain registration, web hosting, and email hosting.

My three courses include:

How to Build a Blog

This course is perfect for online influencers who are looking to express themselves through their own platform. This type of website is suitable for authors and current or aspiring opinion leaders.

How to Build a Portfolio

This course is designed for artists, makers, and freelancers who are job-hunting, applying to schools, looking for clients, or need a place to present their work in an attractive and professional way.

How to Build a Website

This course is designed for people who need a brochure-style website for their personal profile, consultancy, side gigs and services, or for their new business. The course includes an intro to eCommerce.

I hope these come in handy for those who are new to website building and need a friendly, knowledgeable friend to show them the basics!


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