How to Build a Blog

In this course, I’ll walk you through the steps to launch your online blog using WordPress. The course will include lessons on choosing your domain and hosting, installing WordPress, customizing your theme, and more! You’ll learn tips on creating a great blog and additional info on how to be a successful blog owner.

My How to Build a Blog course is perfect for online influencers who are looking to express themselves through their own platform. This type of website is suitable for authors and current or aspiring opinion leaders.

This course is also great for people who already have a following on other social media platforms, but need their own site to complement their online activities. The lesson plan will include a chapter on monetizing your blog.

Building a blog with WordPress

In this tutorial, I’ll be using WordPress, open-source software that powers 40% of the web. Not sure what open-source means, what the difference between web hosting and email hosting is, and how to buy a domain? I’ll walk you through all of it. Not only will you have a great blog at the end of it, but you’ll also feel more confident about understanding the web and how to maintain your site.

Lesson Plan

Lessons come with at least one video, screenshots, written material, and additional resources.

1: Getting started
2: Intro to the web
3: Hosting and domains
4: Installing WordPress
5: Customizing your blog
6: Plugins
7: Intro to SEO
8: Website maintenance
9: Monetizing your blog
10: Resources

This course is totally free! If it has helped you, would you consider buying me a coffee?


“Andrea’s course was the kick in the butt I needed to work on the WordPress site I’ve wanted to create for a while. The content is well laid out and covers everything I needed to begin. Thanks, Andrea for the informative course!”

— Jesse Luimes, Montreal, Canada

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