Five Apps to Try Now

I’m not one to “have an app for that”.

I’m happy with some of the native Apple apps, and it takes a lot for an app to convince me it’s worth the hassle of downloading it and remembering to use it. However, a few you’ve probably never heard of have made my shortlist.

Near LockNear_Lock_iPhoneNear lock is an app that unlocks your locked screen as your phone approaches your mac. I have a super long password on all my devices and it helps speed things up when my iPhone can serve as an authenticator. You can set your iPhone to prompt an unlock or to automatically enter your password.



simplenote-featured-ios2Simplenote is my favourite replacement to the native iPhone Notes app. It’s clean, simple, you can invite people to collaborate on a note and you can publish your note online and share the link with your friends. It’s the only note app that syncs across my devices without fail.


SplitwiseVenmo is not yet available in Canada and PayPal doesn’t manage split expenses, so my choice for splitting restaurant bills or I-owe-you’s is Splitwise. For recurring bills with my roommates or splitting gas on a car trip, it’s good for anything


StocardStocard (6)Some stores give you a keychain loyalty tag you can scan at your next purchase, but most of mine are real full-size cards. Boo, do you know how much space that takes up in my wallet? Stocard allows me to scan and keep all of my loyalty cards in my phone.



A favourite when I don’t recognize any of the wines on the wine list or am stumped by a wine pairing. I have a terrible memory, so Vivino remembers my favourite wines, suggests pairings or gives insight on a wine’s profile all in one app.

How about you? What are your favourite apps?


One response to “Five Apps to Try Now”

  1. Simplenote (and nvAlt) are two apps I install on each device I own …
    Nearlock seems interesting … I’ll give it a go later on. Thanks for the tip!

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