Dima Peteva, Brand and Culture Director, SiteGround

“I worked with Andrea for over a year building the digital content strategy at SiteGround. In addition to her ability to write both short and long-form content on topics that are sometimes too niche or very technical in a way that anyone can understand, she is excellent in taking an idea and developing it into a meaningful piece of content, ad, or a full-swing communication campaign for multiple content channels. She approaches every idea with extreme attention to detail, thinks it through, and then executes it with the same enthusiasm. But what struck me most of all during our work together is her empathy for the reader, attention to the tone of voice and overall consistency of every piece of content we produced. She will be a valuable asset to any team, or a one-man content army on her own, if need be, bringing in the ever-so necessary poise and thoughtfulness into any type of content work she does.”