Adrián Sebastián Izquierdo, Head of Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships

At Kinsta, I had the honor of reporting directly to Andrea and was impressed by her skills. She is an exceptional marketer, a charismatic leader, and a vibrant personality. As a marketer, she possesses a unique blend of analytical, data-driven, and creative skills. She consistently comes up with innovative campaigns and creates compelling content that resonates with any target audience.

Andrea is also a determined leader who has the ability to read industry trends and patterns, making her gifted in decision-making. She makes it easy for her team to develop their potential and is not afraid to reassign responsibilities to leverage the team members’ skills and optimize work. Andrea is naturally eloquent and persuasive, which results in her team following her strategy and committing to the team’s goals.

I firmly believe that Andrea would be an excellent choice to lead any business project. I would be thrilled to work with her again.