How I Made a Career Using WordPress Without Knowing a Line of Code

WordCamp Montréal 2015 and WordCamp Toronto 2015 Think only coders can make a living using WordPress? Think again! There are a surprising number of ways to make a career using WordPress without knowing a single line of code. This presentation will tackle some of the barriers that discourage beginners from using WordPress professionally, like a lack of technical skill and feeling like an impostor. Shed the fear and discover different career options and simple WordPress tips while learning to leverage your unique skill set for the tech industry. Learning Outcomes:
  • Participants will be encouraged to use WordPress professionally.
  • Participants will be inspired to keep learning and pursue tech.
  • They will be able to market their skills for the tech industry.
  • They will have resources on how to learn to code and how to build up their knowledge and experience.


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