Good thing they don’t read my blog.

You help me let go of the small stuff
We don’t have the same taste in art and we don’t have the same definition of functionality, but our differences have helped me let go of control and save my energy for what’s important.

You dish out just the right amount of judgment
I know you wouldn’t shame me, but your mild disappointment when I eat meat, use too many disposable coffee cups, and order trashy takeout makes me a better person.

I am really honoured when you ask my opinion
I only have so much patience for your venting and drama, but I am flattered when you seek my opinion and will always make time to help you draft that email to your boss.

I brag about you
I’m sure it’s no surprise I complain about you sometimes, but I brag about you more. I think you’re smart and pretty. I find it cool we all work in tech/startups and live moderately jetset lives.

If I look like I don’t care, I’m pretending
I won’t ask you why you didn’t come home or tell you I disagree with your choices, we each have our own lives. But I do care about your happiness and worry about you getting hurt.

Photo cred: Janice LaGiorgia