If Montréal had it’s own license plate slogan, it would be “Drinking in parks with friends”. I love a good picnic any time, any park, simply because we really only have 3 months to be outside without a coat on. Why waste that time in a dark and sticky bar? In honour of picnic weather, I present my top 5 picks for ground control.

1. The Classic Blanket

Etsy – $157
Can’t go wrong with a classic red gingham picnic blanket. It looks like it comes right out of the 50’s, but has a modern functional twist. It’s lined with waterproof denier nylon to protect you from the damp ground.


2. The Colourful Blanket

Urban Outfitters – $49
A classic South-Western/South-American look, the Serape blanket is a colourful classic in it’s own right. Bonus: your friends will spot you from miles away.


3. The Minimalist Blanket

Etsy – $79
Hate all things that border on kitschy? Don’t fear, stripes and cotton, backed with a waterproof hessian are here. It comes with the straps too.


4. The All-American Blanket

William-Sonoma – $48
Red, white, blue is tried and true in terms of summer blankets. Whip this one out for fireworks on the 4th of July, even if your plans are just having a picnic in Canada.


5. The Camping Blanket

Pendleton – $129
Practical and classic in a camping kind of way, this nylon-lined plaid beauty rolls up just like a sleeping bag. Boy scouts be jealous.


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