The FIFA World Cup in Brazil began yesterday with the first match-up: Brazil/Croatia (Brazil won 3-1). Montréal being so multicultural and all, the whole city is following and will ride the emotional roller-coaster of anxiety, celebration and disappointment (voir heartbreak). If you’re an MTLer like me, check out this map to find out where to support your team.

As a gut Germany fan, I wanted to find some gear to represent at the bar hangs. Check out my top picks for soccer gear that I actually like and stay tuned for my game-day outfits in the coming weeks.


These t-shirts are seriously styling. The pocket and sleeve details are genius.

Argentina France USA Germany


TEXTILE by Elizabeth and James

Who knew the Olsen twins loved soccer enough to launch a line of soccer t-shirts? Pick a shirt to support your team or just the game in general. I particularily like the Japanese one.

Japan USA2Futbol


The Gap

Umbro and The Gap teamed up for a special capsule collaboration. Ain’t soccer just such a uniting sport?

cn8022862 cn8022890


My accessories for every game?

Sportsmanship and this clutch by Kate Spade


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