POP Montreal

Pop Montréal (Sept 17-21) started one week ago, and I’m still getting over the incredible array of artists I managed to fit into the 5-day music festival.

Here is my quick and dirty summary of which acts I caught and a few highlights from the 13th edition.

Please note a lot of this documentation, pictures and videos are from friends who document things while I’m busy dancing. Thanks guys.

Pop Event #1 Wednesday, September 17th
Flynt Flossy, Whatchyamacallit et Yung Humma (Turquoise Jeep Records) + Shaydakiss and A-Rock, Club Lambi

You may know these guys from such Youtube hits as “Smang It” or “Fried or Fertilized”, if you don’t, please check out their channel. Everything is hilarious, and dare I say, genius.

When I saw that they were performing, I figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They put on a full show, playing basically every one of their singles. They did the dance movies, they told stories hinting to how they came up with the song they were about to play. Which in turn, got the crowd excited when they guessed which song was coming next. Such a good time.

Saturday, September 20th

Pop Event #2 Started the day off by visiting the Pop Montréal craft fair. Stocked up on my favourite Carriage 44 shea butter.

Pop Event #3 Pop vs Jock basket ball game, McGill Stadium

As soon as this was announced in July, I got tickets. See, it’s a charity basket ball game, featuring well-know b-ball enthusiasts Win and Will Butler of Arcade Fire. They teamed up with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, former NBA slam dunk champion Brent Barry and Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes. They were coached by Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs. This was the Pop team. They played the Jocks, a bunch of McGill and Concordia University students. The half time show was incredible. Rolling Stones gives a pretty good account, and someone had a camera during the halftime show, so you can check it out.

Pop Event #4. After that, we grabbed a bite, and headed to the Ubisoft Rooftop for Sarah Neufeld and Colin Stetson at sunset.

Sarah Neufeld is the violinist in Arcade Fire, and her solo work has been featured all over, including this Vogue Italia fashion film.

Colin Stetson is this insanely talented wind-instrumentalist who masters circular breathing (breathing technique that produces a continuous tone without interruptio), also mics his throat and the valves on his instrument so he can create what seems like 6 different sounds at once.

Did I mention is was on a rooftop, at sunset, so the experience was other-worldly.

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Grabbed dinner for a friends’ birthday before heading to….

Pop Event #5 Pop Vs Jock after party featuring DJ Windows 98 (Win Butler again), Société des arts technologies (SAT)

It was fun! Great way to end the night.

Sunday, September 21st

Pop Event #6 Bonobo DJ set, SAT

Back to SAT, this time for a DJ set by Bonobo. And that’s a wrap on Pop Montréal.

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