On Receiving Gifts

Are you easy to buy gifts for? Do you think so, and then get offended when you hear you’re hard to shop for?

In my family, we’re just so many that we do a gift exchange instead of buying presents for everyone. (Except the kiddos, they are spoiled rotten). We’ve been doing the one-gift-each exchange since I was a kid, but this year, we decided not to and I’m kind of relieved.

It’s not that my family is full of bad gift-givers, it’s just that they don’t know me. Ouch, that sounds worse than it is. I’m the youngest, so most of my siblings weren’t around to see me become an adult and their partners even less. As a consequence, I have a 1 in 10 chance of getting something really in tune with my taste.

But, let’s play a game. I think I’m actually pretty easy to shop for. I get excited about the same things over and over again. In broad strokes, it boils down to these:

Office Supplies

I’m a nerd, I spend all day on the computer, and I like that. Buy me anything desktop or desk top related and I’m stoked.


I drink a lot of it and like anything related to it.



Doesn’t always have to be as functional as a screen cleaner.







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